Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hosting a Spa Party

It's Party Time Girls

We've all had just about enough of this winter, well most of us have.

It's time for some Summer Fun... 

So why not throw
a Spa Party?

I bet you're thinking,
"why didn't I think of that", I know right????
Well to help you kick start your planning a fun and successful party we've put together a little tick list.

Call Pür Spa today and book your date.
We offer a 10% discount on parties with 4 or more guests. ( some conditions apply)

Options for delivery:

  • email
  • snail mail
  • or hand deliver them


  • animal print
  • beach party
  • masquerade
  • 1950's
  • 1960's
  • favorite colour
  • Betty Boop
  • favorite charity- except donations
  • sea side

Once you have established your Theme and the Number of Guests you would like to invite, it's time for fun.

You will need find your best friend and ask her to help you plan the rest, it's more fun that way.
Listed are a few things you will need to be thinking about and planning for:

  • spa party decorations - simple and elegant or crazy streamers, balloons and over the top?
  • spa party drink ideas - will you supply a punch and will it be alcoholic and non alcoholic?
  • spa party food ideas - finger foods and sweets, or just a few nibbles?
  • spa party for adults - will it be appropriate for young girls to attend?
  • spa party goodie bags - an optional gesture, and Pür Spa does over items suitable to accompany your goodie bags.
  • spa party favours - these could be given instead of goodie bags, and again we offer items perfect for party favours.  
  • spa party printables - did you want to present some fun little games that you and your friends could play while being pampered? The web has some great downloadable and printable ideas available.
  • spa party water bottle labels - theme orientated Name Labels for your guests water bottles or beverage glass.

 Download your free Spa Party Planning tips

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