Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hens and Chickens!!!

Hens and Chickens

Do we need them in our gardens?

Although these guys are awfully cute, these are not the Hens and Chickens we are talking about.

Stone Crop Plants
Like our friends at Ilike say... 
"Stonecrop - as a succulent plant - is very regenerating, healing, as well as contains natural acids that lighten pigmentation. Stonecrop is one of the biggest favorites of ilike organic skin care users".

Our Friends at Ilike harvest Stonecrop at their organic farm next to Budapest, Hungary. Stonecrop is one of our most popular ingredients.

Stonecrop's natural habitat is not far from the south-eastern coast of Finland, so there is no surprise iof it's growing success here.
Most of us have seen this plant growing along in someone garden.

Common stonecrop is an herb. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.
People take common stonecrop for coughs and high blood pressure.
Common stonecrop is sometimes applied directly to the skin for wounds, burns,hemorrhoids, warts, eczema, and mouth ulcers.[¹]

Daily Moisturizer

  • Clear away all irritation and redness with Ilike sulfuric whipped moisturizer
  • It is a moisturizer, yet it aids in reducing oiliness and reduces acne breakouts with the help of Sulfur
  • It leaves the skin smooth and problem-free

Gel Mask

  • Luscious regenerating and soothing mask that lightens, calms and firms all skin types. 
  • A centuries-old herbal remedy, Stonecrop exhibits healing properties that reduce pigmentation and sun damage.

Pür Spa offers fabulous facials, using Ilike products.

Item Description Price
Pür Luxury
Customized to your skin type this unique facial will treat and care for you specific needs. Includes cleansing, toning, light exfoliation, facial massage, treatment mask and moisturizer.
All the essentials!
45 minutes $55.00
Pür Luxury
 An intense and quick peel exfoliator that refines skin texture. Featured ingredients: Casein - a skin-smoothing antioxidant derived from milk. Lactic Acid - a gentle exfoliator. Lemon Oil - purifies the pores. An excellent treatment to soften chapped skin even on the roughest heels and elbows.
Enhance our essential facial with a yogurt power peel which will deeply exfoliate and refine the skin, evening out the complexion.
This facial also includes steam, extractions, hand and arm massage, a specialized nutrient rich serum and treatment mask to combat problem areas.
60 minutes $65.00
Pür Signature
Ilike Skin Care Hungarian Paprika Gel Treatment hydrates, revitalizes and energizes the skin. Hungarian cherry pepper detoxifies and wakes up tired skin for a more luminous glow. St. John's Wort provides the skin with astringent and anti-inflammatory benefits to calm and soothe sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea, acne and chapped skin.
Our exclusive AHA peeling treatment combines a fruit peel with Hungarian paprika gel, creating a very stimulating deep peeling action that will result in velvety smooth, rejuvenated skin. Your complexion will be glowing and balanced. Our age defying products are infused with herbal pulps making them extremely nutrient rich, your anti-aging secret weapon!
This treatment is enhanced with a salt glow on the feet, which are then wrapped in aromatic hot towels for the entire treatment.
80 minutes $95.00


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