Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Men's Hair Trends 2015

O.K. Ladies, it's time for the men.
With Fathers Day arriving with Summer this year, we thought it time to give the men some attention.

The world of beauty is connected with women right, right.
So not much attention is given to men and the beauty trends for them.  Now who's being chauvinistic LOL

Hair Trends for men in 2015 has them back in full beards.  Whether it is a small Chinstrap, a scruffy 5:00 shadow or a full on woolly mammoth, the beard is here.
Most of the 2000's has seen men with the infamous Gotee, which was very attractive to almost every man.  I think it allowed men with thinning or balding hair to cut it down "to the wood", Grow a Gotee and thrive in their individual beauty.

We also have seen an increase in men being more creative with their hair styles.
Whether they are shaving designs into their brush cuts, pulling it up into a "manbun" or even dreading their hair, men are beginning to take beauty into their hands.
Yes, ladies, men can be beautiful too.

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