Thursday, 29 January 2015

Nail Shapes

The shape of ones nails is a personal choice don't you think?

We are now seeing that there are many more shapes to choose from when it comes to getting a manicure.

With the more filed or pointed nail, such as the Ballerina or Stiletto shaped nail, cracking and breaking of the nail is more likely than that of a Square,Round or Squoval shaped nail.

Your lifestyle should be considered when choosing your nail shape.
Professions that involve a literal hands-on, should probably reconsider shaping their nails in the Ballerina, Stiletto or even the Almond shape as they could very easily hurt someone.

Jobs that involve the use of things like the keyboard should probably stick with the Round or Squoval shaped nail.

Whatever your preference is to shape, remember to have fun and be creative with your colours.
Visit our PINTEREST Board for some really fun and creative nail designs.

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