Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why suffer with Dry/Chapped Lips

 Pur Spa Lip BalmsChapped or Dry lips in general are caused from a loss of moisture, due to dehydration, too much wind or sun.
Most of us will get chapped lips at some point, usually in the winter, due to the cold and the wind.The best medicine is prevention.

Below are a few tips on how to prevent chapped lips from happening.
  •  Protection- applying a lubricating lip cream or balm before you go out into the winter weather--Keeping your lips covered with a scarf, or your gloves/mittens, if a scarf is not available.
  • Avoid licking- licking your lips can remove the natural oils in your lips which help your lips moist.  Saliva evaporates quickly, which will leave your lips drier than they where before.
  • Hydration- A humidifier in the winter is an excellent way to keep moisture in the air, which helps your body stay hydrated.  Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids, preferably a non-alcoholic beverage, alcohol aids in dehydration. 
  • Nasal Breathing- breathing through your mouth can cause your lips to dry out by the passing of air over your lips.  Try breathing through your nose.

If your chapped lips are severe or persistent, you should consider talking with your doctor.  Chapped lips can be an indicator of an underlying health problem.
  • if your chapped/dry lips are accompanied by red eyes and tongue, a fever, swollen lymph nodes along with red skin on hands and feet, this could be the early symptoms of Kawasaki disease, which is more common in young children.
  • a vitamin B deficiency can be indicated by dry, cracked lips.
  • a folic acid deficiency is also another that can be indicated by chapped lips.

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