Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Power to Defy Aging can be in your Hands


Did you know that you have the power to NOT look your age?
The power is in your hands!!!
Our hands are one of the culprits that can and will reveal our age.

Regular manicures can help keep our hands not only looking lovely but also clean and tidy.  Without regular manicures our nails tend to become chipped or cracked, our hangnails can tend to take over our cuticles.
The daily routine of household chores alone are enough to our hands in constant need of repair.

So why bother with a salon manicure?

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  • Several reasons in fact.  An educated manicurists trained to notice inconsistency in our nails and hands.  
  • Ridges and chips in our nails can be a diet deficiency.  As well the appearance of dark spots, can be serious health indicators that your manicurist is trained to recognize.
  • A good salon manicure will consist of a relaxing hand/arm massage that will encourage relaxation, healthy blood flow, and help slow the process of wrinkling down.  A hand massage will also provide you with soft, healthy cuticles, which in turn will help eliminate those dreaded and sometimes dangerous hangnails.
  • Keeping your hands well moisturized is another important part of healthy nail and hand care.  A good salon will be able to provide you with an excellent moisturizer that you can use to maintain soft, supple hands in between your salon visits.
  • One other important reason to have a salon manicure is that you are taking the time out of a regularly crazy day, to take care of you.
  • To have a well-polished manicure is a good way to feel fantastic.

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Our next  post will be on the benefits of a pedicure.

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