Thursday, 16 October 2014

Start Feeling Better Today

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It evolves around the part of your life that gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Depression can drain your energy and leave you less productive or active.  You may need to set small goals to get tasks done.  It is easy to become overwhelmed.

Healthy Lifestyle:
Eating well, increasing your physical activities, getting enough proper sleep, relaxing/mediating are all the basics to good health.  Slowly increasing your activity level can help other areas of your well being.

Free Download worksheetSpending more time doing the things that feed you emotionally, can be what gives your life a sense of meaning.  Consider the things that you feel strongly about.   What gives your life meaning?

Even though you may not feel motivated, make the time for your likes and your hobbies.   Remember to do the things you enjoy.

We found this useful information while visit our local "North Simcoe Family Health" site.

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