Thursday, 25 September 2014

Removing Sun Spots

Get Rid of  those unwanted Sun Spots!

How many of us spent their summer like this?
Who bothered remembered to use a strong sunscreen?
We are all aware of the cancer dangers to over exposure to the sun, although many of us ignore the warning.  

But are you aware that sun exposure can cause unsightly the Sun Spots?

Once upon a time they were referred to as "liver spots", although they have nothing to do with the liver. Also, they are referred to as "Age Spots", but it is due to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and not the aging of an individual.

From the average age of 40 and upward our skin is less able to regenerate than it did when we were 20  and because of that, "liver spots" or "sun spots" are more common.  For those who were "sun worshipers' or worked in the sun it is especially common to have "Sun Spots."  
Sunspots are most common on the hands, face and arms, balding or men with receding hairlines will notice them on their scalp as well.

Occasionally they may obscure the detection of skin cancer, but sunspots in general  pose no danger, they are only cosmetically unappealing.
Sunspots can be removed through  electrosurgery, cryotherapy or laser treatment.

Sharplight is a laser treatment that can remove undesirable Sun Spots.



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