Thursday, 28 August 2014

DIY Nail Polish Disaster Averted

How Many Times Have You Done This!!!!!

You've bought yourself your favorite bottle of SpaRitual polish, and its time to make those twinkle shoes sparkle with colour.

Oops!!!..... Not the Toes, just the Toe Nails...

We found this wonderful helpful tip for all of you who do it yourself.

from Madtown Macs
has come up with this wonderful idea.

Using a simple cotton swap and your average lotion and cuticle stick you can prevent the dreaded, Nail Oops!!
  • Dip the cotton swap in the lotion 
  • wipe around the toe to be painted
  • careful NOT to get it on the Nail (Polish won't adhere)
  • Paint nail as normal
If Oops happens, and we know it does.
Using your cuticle stick wipe away the excess polish .

Looks like the girls did it at Pür Spa

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