Friday, 31 July 2015

Accessorize with your Brows!

The best beauty accessory this summer is your eyebrows! So many women are making dramatic statements with their brows. From size to colour women are opting for bold statements.

Did you know that the most recognizable feature about a person is our eyebrows? Eyebrows are unique to each individual because we all have unique growth patterns and colours, to levels of grooming. Eyebrows also express our emotions and convey to others how we are truly feeling without saying a single word. Try looking in the mirror and attempt basic expressions without moving your eyebrows, pretty impossible right?

Not sure which brow is right for you? Follow these basic tips:

Oval face: Soft angled brow
Long Face: Flat, straight brow
Round Face: Sharp, high arched brow
Square Face: Soft, curved brow
Heart Face: Low, curved arch with volume
Diamond Face: Thinner, curved long brow

So, whether you are a Kim Kardashian fan of the white brows or the Cara Delevingne fan of the big and bold brows, Pur Spa has you covered. With services from waxing to tinting you can get the brows that represent you! Come in today and make your brows stand out!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Men's Hair Trends 2015

O.K. Ladies, it's time for the men.
With Fathers Day arriving with Summer this year, we thought it time to give the men some attention.

The world of beauty is connected with women right, right.
So not much attention is given to men and the beauty trends for them.  Now who's being chauvinistic LOL

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Aesthetician vs Esthectician

Whether you say Aesthetician or Esthetician they both, in general, a person who is versed in the knowledge of Aesthetics;

So what is Aesthetics?

Aesthetics can be defined as the study of the mind and the emotions in relationship to a sense of beauty.
Having a sense of beauty, characterised by the love of beauty,
relating to, involving, or concerned with pure emotion and sensation as opposed to pure intellect.

An individual who has been trained to give facials, to advise customers with makeup, skincare and hair is usually referred to as an Esthectician.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Wedding trend colour for 2015

Wedding colour trends for 2015-05-15
Pantone introduced this years colours.
We can thank Princess Kate    Princess Kate and +Downton Abbey - PBS Masterpiece Classic  for the afternoon tea and garden party influence to our wedding themes this year.
Vintage lace, lush garlands and loosely styled floral centerpieces are the key pieces to the al fresco Victorian look.


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